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January 2, 2014 – 01:25 am

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Dh and I were annoyed (but not too surprised) to find that our supply of uncooked rice had been invaded by bugs. Well, it's been in the cupboard for quite a while now. There were tiny, tiny bugs crawling around - not the usual moths. Anyhow... Dh got the idea that he would feed the rice to our chickens. Is that o.k.? He said, "Well, it's grain. They eat grain." Is there any reason not to feed the rice to the chickens?

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I Googled "rice chickens" and got only recipes! LOL. So then I tried Googling "hens feeding rice" and did a little better. Rice is fed to hens in many third world countries, so I can't think that it would hurt yours. They'd probably like it better cooked, but you could try them on the whole grain and see. You might want to wait for a couple more replies before doing anything... or try some searches yourself to turn up information. I had one of those little doubts at the back of my mind... but it may have been simply that rice is not as nutritious as other grains.

I do remember that it was strongly recommended to stop throwing rice at weddings, so now birdseed is thrown - something about rice expanding when wet and bursting crops or choking them? I don't know if this is true or an urban legend. If in doubt, either soaking the rice overnight, or cooking it - bugs and all - would remove the problem - it would then be expanded. To protect future rice supplies - and if you have the room - storing it in the freezer in a reclosable plastic bag virtually eliminates bugs.


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Ok. here's some more

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